Our stores

Here is a list of places that we tend to go for various ingredients and food, often simply near us or people that we know and like. See also on shopping.

  • Organic: Whole Foods (8th at Cambie) organic dairy, soy products, organic bulk
  • Iranian, Persian: Yek o yek (Main at 15th) bulk, dates, pita
  • Italian: First Ravioli, Bosa
  • Asian: East/West (Main at 26th)
  • Southeast Asian: Asia Market (Hastings at Gore) kecap manis, all things Thai
  • Korean: Kim's Mart (Broadway at St. George) fresh tofu, red pepper flakes
  • Japanese: Sakuraya (Broadway at St. George) mirin, dashi, soba noodles
  • Mediterranean: Jasmine (Main at 28th) pomegranate juice, spices
  • Greek: Parthenon (Broadway at Balaclava)

  • Cheese: Les Amis du fromage (2nd at Burrard) everything tasty
  • Coffee: 49th Parallel, Kafka's, Matchstick, Elysian
  • Mexican takeout: Sal y limon (Kingsway at 16th)
  • Thai takeout: Pad Thai (Broadway at Quebec)
  • Bread: Cobs, farmers markets, Casa Wilkes

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