On equipment

On one of our first trips to Paris shortly after we were married, we discovered Dehillerin, and our kitchen has never been the same since.  Heavy stainless-steel-lined copper pots were first—brought back on that first trip—and then over the years arbutus wood serving bowls and platters, WTF utensils, Solicut knives, all sizes of iron skillets, specialized cheese knives... all of these make our cooking experience more enjoyable and a bit less stressful. In our experience, a really good knife or garlic press can make all the difference in the world. Quality is supreme in our kitchen.

Of course, this applies to appliances as well.  We have invested in a professional-grade mixer (for bread dough this is indispensable), a decent food processor, and a great espresso machine and coffee grinder... all designed to make our kitchen experience better, and thereby our meals together memorable.  The only common appliance we do not own is a microwave, much to the consternation of others.  We have never missed it, and nobody complains at our dinners.  We do wish we had room for a dishwasher (other than us).

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