On measuring

Recipes often seem to be so precise to the uninitiated, but in reality (aside from some baking), precise measurement is impossible.  So much depends on the temperature, the humidity, the quality of the ingredients, the mood of the eater, the capriciousness of the cook... That this is true is clearly supported by some of our Italian language cookbooks which decline to offer any precision at all, believing that you have (of course) made the dish many times from the age of two under the watchful eye of your Nona and you just need to be reminded of the vaguest of outlines for the dish.  Sigh.

We have tried to be reasonably careful in our recipes, but of course experiment and adapt to what works for you.  Cook until perfect, season until tasty, brown until bubbly.

Postscript: The units employed in these pages betrays our cooking heritage!  We (still) think in teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups—and bake in degrees Fahrenheit.  But, we weigh things in grams (like cheese).  This is hardly consistent, yet it works for us, and we hope for you as well.

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